Red & Tan Nation

The Red and Tan Nation consists of separate and distinct groups, each with their own function and national leadership. All member organizations are a tightly-knit brotherhood that provides the camaraderie and esprit de corps that is commonly missing outside of the military.

About the Red and Tan Nation

In 2017, after observing the struggles so many of our veterans have, we were determined to reach veterans who don’t ride motorcycles. We saw how our support network rescued many of our brothers from suicide attempts, substance abuse, anxiety issues, PTSD-related issues, unemployment, and a number of other social issues that plague the veteran community. Eventually, it became common-place for Desert Knights to hear veterans say, “I wish I had a bike so I could join your brotherhood…” We finally realized we needed to reach these veterans. The national leadership of the Desert Knights MC decided to create a brotherhood that was modeled after the successful principles of the Desert Knights, while combining it with the outreach of a traditional veteran service organization. In early 2018, the first chapter of the Desert Warriors joined the Red & Tan Nation. Why another Veteran's club? (click for more)

How to join:

IT AIN'T EASY BUB! All prospects must be sponsored by a member of the club. If you're interested in becoming a hang-around, show up to some of our events, get to know some of our members, and ask for contact information. If you're not a dick, you may get sponsored by a patch holder. Our past and future events can be found through the social media links below. What you do with this information is in your hands.

Supported Veteran's Charities


Each year, the Red & Tan Nation selects a different veterans organization as our national sponsored charity. We donate the selected charity a minimum of 15% from all net proceeds of our fundraising events, regardless of the primary purpose of the fundraiser. In some cases, we will donate all net proceeds from an event. Our 2024 sponsored charity will be announced in January, 2024. Please check back for details.

Desert Knights MC Chapters

Parent Chapter

Eastern AL

Front Range

New Castle DE

Southern DE

Central FL

Baltimore MD

Carroll County MD

Frederick MD

Western MD

Eastern MO

Central OH

Fairfield County OH

Berks County PA

Chester PA

Leesburg VA

Northern VA

Woodbridge VA

Desert Riders MC Chapters

Howard County MD

Desert Warriors Chapters


Too often, we hear veterans express how they miss the camaraderie and support they had when they were in the military. They don’t identify with the civilian world, and often find themselves resenting the take-it-for-granted, poor-me mentality they encounter outside of the military service. Veterans have an entirely different sense of humor, a take-charge attitude, and an objective approach to life that places results above feelings; this makes them strange to their civilian counterparts. Most of all, in their loneliest of times, veterans wrestle with alligators that civilians will never see, much less, understand. Veterans need veterans. Desert Warriors of the Red and Tan Nation (click to learn more).



Rogue Syndicate Chapters


In the middle of 2018 the Red & Tan Nation met Rogue Syndicate Car Club, understanding that the missions, ideologies, and sense of Brotherhood were identical, they started developing a bond. Like the Riders, the Red & Tan Nation recognized that there were more service members and veterans that do not ride any form of motorcycle but were highly involved with cars as that brought them together as Brothers. In mid 2019 Rogue Syndicate Car Club officially patched into the Red & Tan Nation.

Rogue Syndicate Car Club of the Red & Tan Nation (click to learn more).


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To contact the Red and Tan Nation, send an e-mail through the contact form, with the Knight, Rider, Warrior, or Officer's name in the subject line, and we'll be in touch.