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Rogue Syndicate

This question has been put to our club a number of times, and frankly, we find it humorous and annoying that people will attempt to become part of us, but then try to dictate their definitions of terms to us. Every year, we get some idiot who follows the same crash-and-burn cycle of trying to demand that his service makes him our brother. This really gets a bit old, so before you make yourself look foolish, read this. We have a motto: “Brothers in war. Brothers in peace. Desert Era Veterans for Desert Era Veterans.” We coined this motto for a reason, and it has a meaning to us. If you don’t like our meaning, we’re not particularly concerned - it only goes to prove one thing: YOU ARE NOT OUR BROTHER.
Who Is My Brother
The Red & Tan Nation is proud to select Hicks Strong as our national sponsored charity this year. Each fundraising event this year will donate a minimum of 15% of all net proceeds to Hicks Strong, regardless of the primary purpose of the fundraiser. Some events may donate all net proceeds. Hicks Strong (click to open a new page) is an organization dedicated to providing therapy to service members and veterans via telehealth to allow the service member or veteran to receive quality health care without leaving their home. They provide workshops on suicide prevention and provide education on various mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.
Veteran’s Charities

Rogue Syndicate Car Club of the Red & Tan Nation

In early 2006 the Desert Knights of America Motorcycle Club was born to focus on the issues facing today’s generation of veterans. Providing a new identity for a new generation, the Desert Knights focused on brotherhood and charities supporting our nation’s veterans.

Over time, the national leadership of the Desert Knights MC recognized that all veterans, even those who don’t ride cruisers, need brotherhood. So, the Desert Knights formed two more organizations for veterans: the Desert Riders Motorcycle Club for sport-bike riders in 2011, and; the Desert Warriors of the Red & Tan Nation for veterans interested in a non-motorcycle fraternal brotherhood in 2018. The Red & Tan Nation was created as a central framework to bring all three of these organizations together under one structure.


In April of 2018, the Red & Tan Nation met the Rogue Syndicate Car Club, a veteran-based organization focusing on driving and wrenching cars. The two organizations identified their shared values, and a year later, the Rogue Syndicate Car Club joined the Red & Tan Nation as an equal co-member club.

The Rogue Syndicate Car Club is a group of motor enthusiasts heavily involved in the automotive community, but we’re much more than just car enthusiasts. We’re brother veterans recognizing we lost something when we separated from the service. We lost the brotherhood, the camaraderie, the esprit de corps, and the irreverent humor that only a veteran understands. Through the Rogue Syndicate, we work to support each other and work through veteran charities and causes to ensure the veteran community realizes the support they deserve. This is what separates us from other car clubs.

Like the other member organizations of the Red & Tan Nation, the jawless skull over crossed bayonets is our support logo.


Our Support Logo

Like the other member organizations of the Red & Tan Nation, the jawless skull over crossed bayonets is our support logo. The number representing the Rogue Syndicate CC is 19; this number represents the 19th number of the alphabet, the letter “S”, which is the first letter of Syndicate. United under the Red & Tan Nation as a Syndicate to promote veteran welfare and healing to its members, we are the Rogue Syndicate!